About Me


I am a Christian. The Christian faith is simultaneously massive and deep enough to spend a lifetime comtemplating and simple enough for a child to understand. I think it can be boiled down to the following:

  • Life starts with God, who is responsible for creation and loves every one of us.
  • People stuffed it up, not God. We have let Him down and there is a heavy price to pay and no way for us to pay it.
  • God made a way, by paying the price Himself, by punishing His own son Jesus in our place.
  • All we have to do is accept our own failure and position before God, to trust in Jesus’s work on the cross and try to live life in a way that pleases God. Then when God looks at us he judges us by Jesus’s perfect record - which is amazing!

I believe this because I find it be the only way I make sense of this crazy world and the evil in it. I dont accept that we can explain everything via science, I see inside myself more than just knowledge and information, I see emotion, vulnerability, creativity, motives good and bad etc… I think it takes as much faith to believe fully in evolution as it does to believe in creation. I believe all human beings are pricelessly valuable, beautiful, flawed and vulnerable, with huge potential and capable of good and evil. I also believe that the community and family of the local church is(or should be) the answer to many of society’s problems. I love being an active member of Bagley Baptist Church in Somerset, UK.


I have been a software developer for quite a while, you can see my employment history on LinkedIn. I have worked in small companies with under 10 employees to a trading fund of the MOD with over 1300 employees and I have worked on my own and in teams of up to 8. All the companies I have worked for have had good points and bad points and I have formed some strong opinions accordingly. I love C#, working in teams, architecture, dotNetCore, building distributed microservice based systems, tools such as Eventstore, ElasticSearch, Consul. I am very interested in DDD, Onion architecture and Event Sourcing.


I love music. I love the creativity and collaboration. I love a funky groove where drummer and bassist are clearly having fun! I play 6 string bass fairly well, I dabble with guitars and keyboards and very occaisionally with drums/cajon etc. I also sing and I play regularly at church. I love music technology, whether it’s live sound or recording. I wanted to pusue a career in music when I was younger, but I have spent enough hours in the studio with a terrible headache to realise that I would have spoiled an enjoyable hobby!

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